Bushido Code - The Way Of The Warrior In Modern Times - Adidas Wilson

Bushido Code - The Way Of The Warrior In Modern Times

By Adidas Wilson

  • Release Date: 2019-03-06
  • Genre: Buddhismus
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The Bushido code is a code of honor that greatly influenced Japan's culture in the 700's. Bushido started as a code of war and went onto become a way of life and art. It governed every part of life, from honor and war to literature and poetry. Moreover, it impacted history in a significant way, from medieval times to World War II period.  The Bushido is said to have begun in the 8th century. It was influenced by Shintoism, Confucianism, and Zen Buddhism. Some of the noblemen that adhered to Bushido later became samurai and eventually guards for daimyos and shoguns. The samurai have been known to serve their masters loyally; in fact, the term samurai translates to "one who serves."  The samurai carried swords during the Edo Period and these swords were perceived as a sign of trouble. During the Tokugawa period, the samurai were forbidden from having swords—that is when peace started returning to Japan. The samurai then turned to literature and arts. There are countless books written about the teachings and virtues of the Bushido.  A samurai had only two options: life and death. In life, emphasis was placed on ability to fight, strength, and military prowess. A samurai warrior was always ready for battle.